{My Makes for May}

This month, I had a late surge in my projects. Mid-month, I thought I was only going to manage one or two things, but I ended up with four when all was said and done, and have a few that are almost done but didn’t quite make the cut to count as being finished in May (now let’s hope those actually GET finished for the June post!).

My first make was the Itch to Stitch Kalispell dress. This was a pattern that I had to have the moment in came out. I even treated myself to some beautiful Atelier Brunette double gauze fabric to make the dress. Originally, I wanted to bring the dress on my trip to Scotland, but it didn’t end up working out. I got most of the dress finished, and then got really frustrated with the facing. I think my fabric may have stretched a bit and I just could not get the facing to align with the dress the right way. Eventually I was able to fudge it a little, but I got so frustrated I left the dress alone for nearly a month before I finished it. The trip was April 18, and I started before that. The dress was finished mid-May.

The final product ended up not being exactly what I wanted. The dress was a little bit too big, but at the same time fit just fine – if that makes any sense? It’s not a bad dress, just a tad looser than I would usually want. I would like another go at making it, in which I would size down just a little bit and also use the alternate sleeve option.

The Emery Dress by Christine Haynes (available here from Indie Sew) is one that I have seen around often but didn’t buy and try until now. It’s a lovely pattern, and it gave me an excuse to use some Rifle Paper Co. fabric I had purchased but had sitting around for a while (not as long as you may think, however, it just felt long to me because I loved the fabric and was amazed I didn’t use it earlier!). It’s a great staple, and made me fall even more in love with the fabric. The dress itself, however, is a little snug – partially cause I’m sometimes too impatient to make toiles and partially because I’ve just been not paying attention to my diet the way I normally do. Should be a relatively easy problem to fix, particular with summer being a month away and the crazy of my life dying down for a solid ten weeks.

Finally we have the Sew Over It London Kitty! I did an entire post on the Kitty dress last week, giving my thoughts on the pattern, which you can read here. I managed to make two Kitty dresses within a week of each other, and I know I’m going to make more. The previous post has photos of it, but I love it so much I will gratuitously include them here as well!

And there you have it folks: still churning out dresses like there’s no tomorrow and completely ignoring the fact that I said I would learn to make jeans for Me Made May this year! (Yeah… we’ll get to that soon.)

My June makes post should be a fun one. I have three dresses in various states of completion and another one cut out and ready to go (and at least two other projects planned), so we shall see how much of that I get done as we wind down this school year.

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