{Me Made May Recap}

If you’re at all involved in the sewing world, you know the month of May as Me Made May. This year, I pledged to wear me made clothing every work day of the month, and to finally learn to make my own jeans. I was half successful.

Let’s begin with my massive failure: making jeans. First off, I don’t consider this project a failure because I made bad jeans. I consider the project a failure because I didn’t even TRY! I bought the class, I bought the fabric, I bought the supplies. I downloaded the pattern, I pieced together and cut out the pattern… and then didn’t do anything else. I stopped working entirely, partially because I was busy and partially because when I wasn’t busy, I wanted to be dressmaking!

Here are my sad two pictures of the jeans making process:

I managed to keep my pledge on every single workday except one (and the reason the exception was made was because of a field trip in which I had to wear a specific shirt from work). I have also made massive strides since last year’s me made May. Last year, I was able to wear a few items here and there. Since year I was able to do every work day in me made, with very few repeats (and when there were, it was more because I liked the dress rather than me running out of something else to choose)!

Here’s a little recap:

Lessons from Me Made May 2019:

  1. I don’t know if I like making jeans. The jury’s actually still out on this one, as I won’t know for sure until I get further in the project.
  2. I don’t have enough separates. There were days when I wanted to wear a pair of jeans of leggings, but didn’t have the right me made item to pair with it.
  3. I should probably try making some loungewear (i.e. leggings) so I can continue to wear me made even when I’m just lazing on the couch at home.
  4. I probably have more dresses than I will ever need, but I don’t seem to care!

So, as we get closer to the summer, in which I have more time to myself and therefore tons more sewing time, I can think about some new and creative items to make for myself for the fall! Who knows – maybe next year’s Me Made May will be head to toe! (Spoiler alert: I doubt it, as I have yet to have any interest in underwear/bra making!)

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