{Plans for My Sewing Space}

As my sewing skills have grown, so has the need for a functional sewing space. I live in a one bedroom apartment that is, admittedly, very spacious but sewing is not the kind of hobby that can fit easily into a little corner. Perhaps it is for some people, but the way I operate, it definitely does not!

Ideally I need a second bedroom (or really a third so I can also have guests), but that’s not really in the cards right now. And so I’m planning some little improvements to the space I have to maximize it. I will, of course, update with a post in the improvements when they eventually get done, but I currently don’t have a timeline for that – just a dream!

Here’s a basic overview of my space – and zero apologies about this train wreck (which is actually fairly tame at the moment), as this post is about how I want to improve the space. Gotta have a good set of before pics, right?

I’ve made the best of the space I have, which is little spot in my dining/living/office area. Last year I switched from a desktop computer to a laptop, and this kind of eliminated the need to ever use my desk. So it became the sewing table, and is currently the home of my serger.

To the far right in this picture, you can also see my cutting table, which I got on Amazon (link here). It takes up a TON of space when it’s open, but when it’s closed it’s extremely compact so it’s a really good option if you occasionally need a cutting space. I had been using the desk as my cutting space, but it was starting to bother my back, as it was a tad too low.

This is my sewing table. I bought this little table shortly after I moved into the apartment, and while I was still using the desk as my computer space, this was my sewing machine table. It used to be in front of the mirrors, but I changed it once I got the ironing board, partially because it was a better fit and partially because it now faces my t.v. and makes it easier to watch movies while sewing!

Currently I am using a chair from my dining table. My plan for this spot is to get a nice, fabric covered desk chair that I can roll from my sewing table to the serging table. Ideally I would also love to get a little rug for this space. Yes, it would mean vacuuming a lot, but I don’t mind (I have to vacuum thread and fabric bits off my living room rug all the time so I’m used to it!). I think having the rug here would make it a cozy little spot. I’m considering one of the rugs from Rifle Paper Co.

Here you see the ironing area, along with my still broken second sewing machine (one of these days I will get that to the repair shop!). This was my desk chair, and it’s just way too big for this little corner of my apartment. The ironing table is a relatively new addition and it’s great – fits right into the space and is much closer to my work now. I used to keep the ironing board on the dining room table and, while it wasn’t particularly far away, it definitely flows better to have the ironing station within the workspace.

This chair will go once I find the replacement desk chair, and I’ll be figuring out a better way to deal with all those wires all over the floor. I’m constantly moving them out of the way as I work.

This catch-all area is going to become my stash cabinet. The printer will remain there, as it is technically a sewing tool (I work almost exclusively in PDF patterns these days), but I plan to neaten it up a bit. The books and debris I’m moving to a new shelf as soon as I make the trip to IKEA to get the new shelf! I actually started this process after taking the photos, and I love seeing the fabric start to pile up in there.

This spot right here is the only thing that I’m not planning to improve, other than some straightening up. It’s where I keep my thread and some notions (other notions are in a little portable tower next to the ironing board). This spot works well as it and is also a great place for the serger (which I have cleaned off since this picture was taken!).

So while my sewing space is functional, it can definitely be improved upon. I’m hoping to slowly make these changes over the summer, and come back with an update on the new and improved space in the fall!

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