{Pattern Review: Sew Over It Silk Cami}

If you can believe it, there are still Sew Over It patterns that I haven’t tried. For the most part, this is because I don’t believe that they’ll be flattering on me as they are a looser, boxier fit. Because I have a slightly fuller bust, I generally don’t like how these types of garment look on me. I like a little bit of fit to them, and so I tend to avoid the boxier shapes and got for fitted button downs or knit tops.

This is how I felt about the Silk Cami for a long time, but in my quest to make more shirts for myself (and just plain curiosity getting the better of me), I decided to give it a try.

The Pros: I cannot say enough good things about the design of the pattern. It is extremely straightforward and an easy sew. I was able to completely the dress, from cutting to hem, in about an hour and a half. There was a slight confusion when I got to the shoulder straps, but once I worked it out, it was easiest thing in the world and I completely it very quickly. I will admit that I did it incorrectly the first time and had to unpick, but then I got it together and did it right! It was a very minor setback, and honestly doing it wrong helped me understand a little bit better how to do it correctly, so all in all a happy mistake.

I love the fabric that I used. It’s a crepe from my visit to the SOI shop in London. This was leftover from cutting out another SOI pattern (the Florence Dress) that I have yet to actually sew together. But the fabric has a beautiful drape and is a lovely gray and purple combination.

The Cons: I like the shirt, but I still feel like it’s too boxy for my taste. It just feels like it hangs down and doesn’t do me any favors. However, I think this is just me as I received compliments on the shirt today. I also think that it wasn’t the greatest fit that I’ve ever done. Its just a little but snug in the bust, but whether that’s because I need to do a bust adjustment or just cut down on the snacks a little bit (which I need to do regardless!) remains to be seen!

Another con that has absolutely nothing to do with the dress? My crazy uneven tan (yes, that’s just a tan and not a burn, believe it or not)!

Do I recommend the pattern? Absolutely! Just because it doesn’t fit me quite the way I want doesn’t mean it won’t look great on someone else! Also, it’s a fantastic beginner pattern.

Will I make the silk cami again for myself? Probably, yes. I do like the simple design and how easy it is to make, but I may play around with it a little bit to get the right fit!

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