{My Makes for June}

This month may have started out crazy busy, but it also meant the end of the school year and the beginning of my free time! I’ve spent the last five days just enjoying being off and taking some time away from responsibility. And, of course, sewing!

This month, I decided to create a little at home photoshoot to show off my makes. Not that the classroom pictures don’t show off the looks, but I wanted to take advantage of the great light in my apartment in the middle of the day – and it gave me a good excuse to get all dolled up for the day (my summer outfits tend to be lots and lots of loungewear)!

The Vintage Shirt Dress

First up for my June makes is my new Sew Over It Vintage Shirt Dress:

This one is a little bit of a cheat as technically I was nearly done with it when June started, but it wasn’t really complete until this month and therefore couldn’t count for the May posts. This is my fourth Vintage Shirt Dress, and I absolutely love this pattern and plan to keep making more!

The Anna/Kim Hack

Next up is a hack combining two patterns from By Hand London: the Anna bodice and the Kim skirt. I’ve made an Anna Dress before, back in February, and liked the pattern very much. However, for my second go at it, I wanted to try and emulate a dress I saw on Instagram which took the bodice and gave it a gathered skirt. In that instance, the skirt was self-drafted but I’m not very confident in my self-drafting abilities just yet, and so I combined it with another BHL pattern. The Kim Skirt turned out to be just perfect for this. This dress is so light and airy and fun to wear! I wore it to our graduation at MCU Park last week (and it was hot and humid and gross out, and this dress was perfect – kept me pretty cool, or at the very least, not any hotter):

The Silk Camisole

My least favorite make of the month was this Sew Over It Silk Cami. However, don’t take that to mean that I absolutely hate it; I don’t mind it, I think I just prefer dress sewing over anything else. You can read my full review of the cami here.

4. Madrid & Myosotis

The two dresses you see above are both getting a review soon, so I’m not going to say too much about them here. The first is the Madrid Dress from Coffee and Thread, and the second is the Myosotis Dress from Deer and Doe. You can look forward to my review of Madrid next week, and Myosotis shortly after that!

All in all, despite the busy schedule, I had a productive June of sewing. I can only hope to say the same for July and August. As usual, I’ll be spending the summer between Brooklyn and upstate, and most sewing will be done from home when I’m here. I have a tons of works in progress I want to tackle, and a bunch of other things planned. Once we hit September I’m going to go into full on Frozen Jr. mode, so I need to have my fall wardrobe ready to go before then!

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