{Out and About: Rose Mansion, Part Two}

A few weeks ago I got an email that Rose Mansion was returning to New York. My friends and I attended the first round last summer, so it seemed only fitting that we attend again! (It’s also now a tradition, based on the fact that we’ve been two years in a row now… but we’ll see what happens next year!)

For those who don’t know about Rose Mansion, it’s basically a rose wine tasting, with fancy and fun photo opportunities. It’s exists for the sole purpose of getting yourself some nice pictures for your social media accounts, but I am totally okay with that – I love taking pictures, for social media or otherwise! However, it doesn’t hurt that they light these things really well so your pictures come out pretty good without even trying!

As with last year, the general idea is to journey through the “mansion” and learn about the different wines as you go. Each room has a theme, and they made an effort this year to change up the rooms from last year (with the exception of one, but we’ll get to that later). The first room is the general science and making of wine.

From there, you walk through a hallway with lit up booths, all with a scratch and sniff wall. We didn’t go through each booth, but the two that I smelled were watermelon and cotton candy. I’ll admit I didn’t pay close enough attention to what this space was all about, but my guess is that it’s various flavors you can find in rose.

The first themed room was the Egypt Room. As you enter, you get an introduction to Cleopatra, and can take your picture on various loungers and chairs. Following that you go into what I want to call the Sensory Room. It was painted all trippy and had some things you could spin on the walls (not sure what those were for, to be completely honest). From there, you enter a room with a optical illusion painted on the floor, made to look like you are standing on a dock over a lake.

In the Pursuit of Sweetness Room, you followed a flow chart on the floor to determine your tastes. Apparently people are born with a dislike of bitter things, and this was to determine where you fell on this.

If I had to pick a favorite room, it would be the France room. This was mainly because it had costumes, but also I appreciated the vintage glamour of it all. Of course, we had to try all the costumes and get a picture in the mirror (the lipstick was my own, however).

From France, you enter the rose garden. This room is a repeat from last year. The whole room has a slight scent of roses, and features bathtubs filled with rose petals, as well as a bench under a rose trellis.

We spent the most time taking pictures in the Celebration Room. This is because the main picture draw was standing inside a cake throwing a bunch of confetti. Naturally we all had to try it multiple times so that we could all get the perfect confetti-throwing shot. (Plus it’s really fun to throw confetti, even if it DID remain in my hair for the rest of the day!)

The final room is the ball pit. Sarah and I went in, and as we are the two shortest of the group, this ended in the two of us completely unable to move, as the pit was kind of deep, and you slip around as you try to move! We spent a solid five minutes just trying to stay upright. I made the mistake of trying to sit in the ball pit, and found myself kind of stuck, and almost completely buried (short girl problems…).

The ball pit was the last room, and then you enter an area where you can continue wine tasting or get some tacos. We didn’t partake in either, as we had dinner plans already but we did take advantage of some of the final attractions of the mansion (such as the swing seen at the top of this post and the little photo booths).

I have to say, despite the fact that they are a product of the age of social media, I really enjoy these silly little pop up museums. Are they a little frivolous? Sure, maybe. But they are also an entertaining way to spend an afternoon, especially with friends!

I am wearing a me made Deer and Doe Patterns Sirocco Jumpsuit, made with fabric from Sew Over It. I will have a pattern review of the Sirocco up next week.

You can get your own tickets to Rose Mansion here.

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