{My Makes for July}

Summer sewing is in full swing over here, and no one is more excited than me that there’s still a full month before I need to go back to work! More sewing time means a bigger and better fall wardrobe!

Now, before you get too impressed, you should know that two of these dresses were basically finished except when the month began, and one was in a state of being about half finished. Three were brand new patterns (to me) and three were tried and trues.

The Maisel-esque Betty Dress

First up was my entry for the Made Like Maisel contest on Instagram. I used the Sew Over It London Betty Dress to recreate a blue dress that Midge wears in the Catskills. I raised the back neckline of the pattern (though I somehow neglected to take photos of the back), and self drafted the sash and sewed on the appliqués. I ended up as a finalist in the contest, ultimately taking third place!

This is the original dress from the show that I was trying to recreate:

The Rosie Dress

My first ever Sew Over It Rosie Dress has been sitting unfinished on my sewing table to quite some time. I actually had most of it made in June, as my original plan had been to wear it to my work end term party. However, as I have mentioned many times recently, June was insanely busy and I just never got around to doing the finishing work. As I am writing this out, I also realize I should probably do a pattern review of this one as it’s the first one I’ve made, so look for that next week!

The Sirocco Jumpsuit

The Sirocco Jumpsuit from Deer and Doe was the surprise of the month! I had no idea that I would end up loving this pattern as much as I do. You can read my full review of the pattern in this post. However, this is definitely not the only Sirocco that will make it’s way into my rotation. I can’t wait to try the pants version!

The Pollyanna Pocket Dress

The Pollyanna Pocket Dress from Gina Renee Designs was another new pattern to me that I ended up really liking. It’s a simple design, with a few cute details. My review is here if you want to get a little more into it.

The Marguerite Dress

I made my first Sew Over It Marguerite Dress last summer when the pattern first came out, and knew that I wanted to make another immediately after I had finished it. However, other projects took priority and it wasn’t until this month that I was able to get around to making a new one. I love that the dress is based on the dresses worn by Marguerite in The Hundred Foot Journey (if you haven’t seen that movie, I recommend it!). My first Marguerite was made with a stiffer cotton, but this one was made with a lovely, drapey viscose that I got from Blackbird Fabrics.

The Kitty Dress

Faithful readers of this blog already know about how much I adore the Kitty Dress (also from Sew Over It). I have two in my wardrobe already, but after seeing a similar red dress online, I knew I had to recreate it. I found some really lovely red crepe, and whipped up my third Kitty! This is another hack version, rather than the straight pattern version. If you want to know more about how I hacked it, I talked about it on this Kitty Pattern Review post.

This Kitty came out just a lovely as the others, though I will say the crepe I chose ended up being just a tad heavier weight than I was anticipating. It’s still lovely though. I haven’t had a chance to wear it other than for these pictures, but I’m hoping to wear it out this week!

The Kate Dress

And finally we have my brand new Kate Dress, another dress I made a while back and have been wanting to make again ever since. This is the first in what I officially consider my new fall wardrobe for when work starts up again. Like the first, this was a very satisfying make. For the second one, I chose this fabric that I received from Sew Over It’s fabric club a few months ago and never used.

I have an insane amount of sewing planned for August, but don’t think that I’m going to get to all of it. I can’t create an entire fall wardrobe in one month right? RIGHT? Maybe not, but I’m sure going to try! Need to take advantage of the four more weeks of glorious vacation that I have just for sewing for myself!

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