{The Dreaded Unfinished Project Pile}

I am the typist of sewist who likes to have more than one project going at a time. Most of the time, I find this makes me more productive. When I get stuck on a step I don’t want to do right away, I can work on something different rather than procrastinate. This is in part why I am able to complete projects so quickly (or often why it seems like I’m completing projects so quickly – I tend to leave the finishing work and often polish off 2-3 projects in one go).

However, this can also have the opposite effect. For every project that I finish, there’s another one that gets left to the side. I have so many things cut and ready to go, some in various states of being finished. One has been in the “to finish” pile for TWO YEARS.


Let’s start with Miss. Two Years (it’s a dress, so it would be a feminine title, right?), shall we?

The dress in question is the one on the left in the above picture (the one on the right comes in a close second as far as how long I’ve been working on it). These two dresses are two variations on this Vogue Pattern (9267). Both fabric came from Rifle Paper Company and I was super-psyched to buy them, so I have no idea why I have slacked so much in my completion of these dresses. I think it’s definitely time to change that!

Next up we have another Vogue dress in Rifle Paper Co. fabric. Perhaps I was working on these around the time I discovered Sew Over It, and they just fell by the wayside? Seriously, I have no excuses here. I can’t even explain it to myself!

This Colette Patterns Dahlia dress is perhaps the one that confounds me the most as far as not being completed. I have included all the various notions the pattern required in the picture for a reason. Often, the excuse for not finishing something is because I need something for the project. Obviously this is not the case here: I have the zipper, I have the binding. So…?

Here we have not one but TWO Sew Over It Vintage Shirt Dress hacks (making them into two button down shirts). I can only say that my true sewing love lies in dresses, and that is why I haven’t completed these?

Here’s a Sew Over It London Full Circle Skirt pattern and a Colette Moneta Dress (I actually do know why I didn’t complete this one – it’s because of the elastic shirring at the waist, but I’ve now done that on another project and feel more comfortable with it, so perhaps I can get this one done soon too!).

And here’s an unfinished Butterick Pattern in more Rifle Paper Co fabric. I even have a few other projects that are almost finished that I didn’t photograph for this: an Aurora top that needs a hem, a Sew Over It 1940’s Wrap Dress that also needs a hem, a pair of Mia jeans and an Ultimate Shirt (through a Sew Over It online class) that I never finished because it was when my sewing machine went on the fritz on me last year and I got mad at it!

So there are my unfinished projects in their incomplete glory, in the hopes that this will motivate me to actually get them done over the next couple of months!

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