{Fall Sewing Plans}

Confession time: I had a lot of trouble coming up with today’s post. This hasn’t happened since earlier in the year when I committed to a regular blogging schedule. So far, I haven’t missed a single entry day, though I will admit that many have been down to the wire! Over the summer, I was able to prep a bunch of posts in advance, but back to work busy-ness and fatigue set in hard this week.

I was hoping that today’s post would be a review of the Sew Over It Florence Dress, but I’m not done sewing it yet! It’s almost there, which got me to thinking about my other not finished projects, and what I want to make a priority this fall.

So, goal number one: finish the Florence Dress. This shouldn’t be too hard as there’s not much left to do, but there’s a small amount of handsewing which always makes me delay a bit. I’ve been working on the shorter version of the dress, rather than a maxi dress.

Another project I have been putting off finishing is my Nina Lee Kew Dress. It’s another one that ALMOST done, but not quite. I still have buttonholes, buttons and sleeves left on that one.

So, goal number two: finish the Kew Dress.

Believe it or not, I have a THIRD dress in the works that I haven’t had a chance to finish yet. I have a Sew Over It Joan Dress about halfway finished and waiting to be worked on. I am actually really excited about this one, but I’ve been looking for the right lining fabric… though I had the perfect one but I turned out not to have enough of it.

So, goal number three: finish the Joan Dress.

And of course, with the fall comes musical time! We held the first round of our Frozen, Jr. auditions yesterday and will be having the second round today. We’ve seen a lot of great talent already and I can’t wait to work with these kids on their costumes. So much energy is already going into transforming Elsa on stage, and I think I figured out just how to do it today, but time will tell! My goals for the next two months or so are to get a large bulk of the costumes done, so I’m not so busy around holiday time. I officially have the cast measurements so it’s just a matter of getting started!

Then of course, there are all those things top get to from my Unfinished Project Post. I will get around to them eventually, but the call of new projects is always so great! (Plus, another goal I also have is to make a coat! I’ve got the pattern and fabric picked out already, but have yet to get started. Now let’s just see if I’ll have time before the spring when I won’t need it anymore!)

So here’s to happy fall sewing!

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