{A Homemade Halloween, Part One: Rosie the Riveter}

NOTE: This is the next post in a series of reposts about my various homemade Halloween costumes.  This one was originally posted back in 2016, and was for a Halloween party.  This will be the first of the two posts from that year.

I had the pleasure of making not one but two awesome homemade Halloween costumes this year.  The first was my costume for a Halloween party my cousin was throwing.  As soon as I heard about it I immediately thought of the time when Leslie Knope dressed as Rosie the Riveter on Parks and Recreation.  Ever since then, I have wanted to emulate this, but also add on the infamous “We Can Do It!” sign (because let’s face it, I can’t NOT make everything into a craft project of some kind).

Disclaimer: I was really, really bad at taking progress pics with this one so there aren’t too many of them.

Step One: Paint the Sign

I happened to get a large piece of cardboard from a package I had delivered, and it worked perfectly and was just the right size for this project.  I didn’t have the paint I needed, but that was quickly solved with a trip to Amazon.  I just went with basic tempura paint, so I could take it to work and use it as a classroom project in the future since, other than crazy Halloween costumes, I don’t really have a use for paint at home on a regular basis.

I started by painting the entire piece of cardboard white.  This served two purposes – it primes it so that the colored paint goes on better, and also allowed me to write the words but not have to paint them in later on.


Step Two: Assemble the Costume

I knew I wouldn’t have time to make the jumpsuit for this myself, so I got a cheap one on the internet, and also purchased the headscarf as well.  The shows, which aren’t technically correct, are just red Keds (I actually think they’re from Target and not Keds at all but whatever…) that I already owned.

Makeup, hair, put it all together and done!

Now to get ready for the big work Halloween costume tomorrow!

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