{Things I Don’t Like to Sew (Yet?)}

It certainly doesn’t need to be said, especially here, that I love to sew. It’s become second nature to me at this point and I love making my own clothes more than I ever loved buying them. Sewing bring me so much joy and pride in what I can accomplish and it is the greatest stress reliever there is!

However, all of that doesn’t mean that I don’t still shop. The thing is, I don’t love to sew everything. Yet. I say yet because the truth is that there are things I have yet to try, so I don’t know if I like sewing them or not. But even with that being said, it just seams easier to buy them.

1. Jeans

This is the big “yet.” I think that once I have the time to try and make a pair of jeans, I may love it. But the thought of the project just doesn’t excite me. Remember back in May when I utterly failed my goal of making my own jeans for Me Made May? I’d like to say that was because I was so busy (and I was!), but it was more because I just wasn’t thrilled about the project.

My failed Ginger jeans project from May!

This may have been because I didn’t love the denim I bought for the project. I have since acquired some better denim and I do want to try it, but for now… I’m still buying jeans (or really wearing the ones I already had to death!).

2. Undergarments

I have zero interest in making underwear. Just none. Even though I know it would be a good scrap buster and a fairly easy project, it’s not for me. I’ll stick to tried and true brand I like and continue to buy them when I need to!

Bras, however, hold a tiny bit of interest for me. While I don’t think they would be something I would make a ton, it is something I want to try once, just to say I did.

3. Loungewear/Workout Clothes

This is another item that I know I could probably make really fast, but just think it’s so much easier to buy ready to wear. I don’t really see myself putting in a ton of time on either loungewear or workout clothes. Of the two, workout clothes would be even less likely. I don’t want to spend a ton of time on something I’m just going to be super sweaty in.

These leggings for my niece may be the closest I ever come to making loungewear!

I would say pajamas are the exception to this. I haven’t really made any except as gifts, but I’m certainly not opposed to it. However, I will also admit that I don’t have any immediate plans to do it.

Other items that make the list are coats and sweaters, but I wouldn’t say that they’re in the same category as the ones listed above as I often want to make these things, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’ve got a Sew Over It Dahlia coat waiting for the day I have time to make it and a couple of really nice knits in my stash that I’ve been saving for sweater projects.

I am definitely never going to say never here. I know that at any given time, I could end up making one of these items and completely love the process. Part of the reason I don’t make them is because they simply fall at the bottom of the making totem pole. I’m all about my dresses and skirts when I’m sewing, so it’s rare when other items make the list.

Do I want to branch out? Maybe. Do I have to? I don’t think so. I’ll get there when I get there, and in the meantime am going to enjoy all those twirly dresses I make over and over!

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