{November Sewing Update}

I cannot tell you how much less pressure I feel doing these posts as “sewing updates” rather than makes posts. I don’t feel like I have to rush to get something done to show it off, and the truth is, other things that need to get done would suffer for that. Updates means I can show off works in progress, which makes it so much easier!

As with last month, most of this month has been utterly and completely focused on Frozen, Jr. this month my focus was on Young Elsa, Young Anna and the villagers of Arendelle.

I am so, so thrilled with how Young Elsa and You g Anna came out:

I completely finished these projects and knocked them off the to do list! This is the first time I’ve used so much trim in my work and I like it! Gimp braid appears on almost every costume, particularly the villagers. It’s on waistlines and gems and it really takes the costumes to the next level and they all look like delightful Scandinavian villagers!

I love how my costume rack is beginning to fill up! This picture was taken at the beginning of November but now it is jam packed. I am so happy to have gotten mostly over the hurdle of the village: our ensemble is quite large and they needed a lot of costumes. We’re almost there.

An ongoing project has been Anna’s coronation dress. This is an insanely time consuming project and we have to make two of them. The above shot is of one of the skirts when it was just about fully paneled. There’s more work to do but we’ve jumped over a bunch of hurdles at this point.

Next up, I finally got started on the Hidden Fold. This is the base of the female costumes. We’ll be adding some more nature elements later on, and they will probably be unique to each costume so they all look a little bit different.

Progress was also make on Elsa’s transformation gown, however that one shall remain a secret until the show goes on! I’ll be doing the same with the blue Let it Go dress as well… the fact that it’s blue is all the detail you get for that one!

November saw a lot of progress but there’s still tons to do. This show is no easy feat but it’s been a blast and I can’t wait to continue!

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