{The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Season Three: My Favorite Looks }

Well, I’m already suffering from post-Mrs. Maisel season three depression. I plowed through it on Saturday and now have no more new episodes until season four graces Amazon. I will miss the clothes the most, but as I’ll be spending the next couple of months making copies of all of Midge’s costumes from this season, I should get through this dry period okay!

These posts are primarily about the costumes, but I may give away a plot point or two while talking about them. So If you haven’t watched yet and don’t want spoilers, look away now! Also, most of these images are from my tv as it was difficult to find all the outfits I wanted to talk about online.

I think it goes without saying that the costuming was absolutely incredible. Donna Zakowska is a genius, creating one fabulous look after another.

The season opens with Midge doing a USO show with the Shy Baldwin tour in this fabulous blue and red dress. Midge famously dresses the part for all that she does and her nod to the American flag in her outfit does not go unnoticed. This is definitely one I want to try copying.

One thing that I love is that most of Midge’s costumes are just as beautiful from the back as they are from the front. That’s not just a red halter neckline, it has a little cape detail (which is actually just a really large tie I think, but it gives off the effect of a little cape):

Later in the episode, Midge is asked to go to party and she, in true Midge form, needs to change clothes because people have already seen her in the red, white and blue dress. I love it. She shows up at the USO dance in a simple blue number with rose details at the waist and skirt.

One of my favorite looks of the season is this red and navy dress, two does right down to the belt! Midge attends another party in it, and it’s not particularly significant in any way, shape or form, but it is fantastic. This one is definitely getting reproduced in the near future.

And if this doesn’t sell you on one-piece retro bathing suits, I don’t know what will! I definitely need to try and find a pattern to make myself more vintage style bathing suits, because I would love to sit glamorously around by hotel pools in one!

My absolute favorite dress – maybe of all time on the show – is worn when Midge goes out with Lenny Bruce. I knew it was going to be exciting when she had to change before going out, and I was not disappointed. She looked just as glamorous the next day walking up on a pool lounge chair the next day (slight spoiler there). However, I am now searching for a pattern that will help me make this dress because it 100% needs to be a part of my wardrobe!

And lest we think I only focused not the dresses, there was one non-dress outfit that I loved, when Midge goes sailing with Shy. This should be my summer uniform this year (if only I could pull off those pants!):

And here are a few more season favorites for good measure. Most of these are ones that I want to recreate for myself at some point in the near future:

And though it wasn’t her final outfit of the season, I call Midge’s Apollo performance dress the finale of the costumes. This one needed to be a high impact costume, and Zakowska went for it. This is not something that I would ever wear personally, but I appreciate it for all it’s Midge Maisel Barbie qualities:

Now that I’ve plowed through the season once and watched all the clothing in close detail, I’ll have to go back the rewatch for plot points!

This is Maisel week on the blog, as it happens. Today I am attending a talk with Donna Zakowska at FIT, and I am hoping I will have lots to post about on Friday!

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