{Out and About: Love Actually, the Musical Parody}

Last week I mentioned that a lot of what I end up doing comes my way through Facebook. I randomly see ads for events and thankfully have a friend who will tag along with me most of the time. Thus, my friend Sarah and I found ourselves at a Love Actually musical parody last Saturday.

We trekked ourselves into the city despite the rainy weather, and found ourselves at the Jerry Orbach theater. These musical parodies are often held in small, off-Broadway theaters in and around Times Square and this one was no exception. It was a small theater that also often holds The Office musical parody (which I really need to see). We were seated in the back row, and we happened to be right next to Dwight Schrute’s desk. I was delighted by this, despite the fact that we weren’t there to see The Office at all.

But back to Love Actually? (Yes, it had the question mark in the title.) It was, to sum up, very funny. Six cast members seamlessly played all the roles from the movie (known as the actor’s names rather than the characters), poking fun at all the famous scenes and events. As the show moved along, there were also little jabs at other aspects of pop culture (such as portraying Harry, Alan Rickman’s character, as Severus Snape).

If you are a fan of Love Actually you can expect to see all the beloved characters throughout the show, all equally made fun of. I especially enjoyed all the Keira Knightly parts, as that particular story line is one that, when looked at closely, is actually horrible (but you somehow ignore it because he’s adorable when he shows up on her doorstep with the signs). And as with any good parody, it immediately pokes holes in the story. But it was all in good fun, and I can still go back and watch the movie without this having ruined anything (and yes, I did already try!).

Love Actually: The Unauthorized Musical Parody is playing through January 14. More information here.

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