{Happy New Decade!}

Somehow, insanely, it is 2020. The Roaring Twenties are back (hopefully minus the prohibition)!

Usually my first post of the month is my reading list for the previous month. However, like everyone, I have done a fair amount of reflecting, not necessarily on the entire last decade (although that did enter my thoughts once or twice) but on the new year in general. I once made a resolution not to make any more resolutions (really just to annoy my dad when I was twelve and he was trying to make us go around and share resolutions), and I stuck to that for a long time. This year, however, I have a few things I want to change as we enter this new decade. And in an effort to keep myself accountable, I have put some of them together to share here.

There are a simple two, and I feel like they will impact almost everything else I decide to do this year.

Better Time Management

I have a very all or nothing personality. I either like to dive all in or not at all. Sometimes this means I am very productive. Other times this means I sit on my couch and do absolutely nothing at all. I’d like to learn the art of doing things bit by bit. I’ve started by sewing a dress for myself despite how busy I am. I am allowed to work on the dress for 10-20 minutes a day which is really all I can spare at the moment. I started this on the first of the year by cutting out the pattern on the first day and then sewing the bodice to the shoulder seams yesterday.

This is a By Hand London Hannah Dress in progress.

It has already made a world of difference to my sanity. I love doing the musical, don’t get me wrong, but I was really, really missing sewing for myself.

And of course, I intend to apply this principal to other things in my life, both work and personal life related.

Getting Healthier

I am not a person who is ashamed of having a few extra pounds. I used to be quite overweight, clocking in at 225! About seventeen years ago, I lost 80 of those pounds and have largely kept it off. Some of the initial weight came back and I stayed at a comfortable average for along time. However, recently, I have found weight creeping back on. I dislike this more because I’m not feeling very healthy. However, I’m not going to pretend that there isn’t a little vanity involved too. I would like to look better.

This is a progress photo from 2015. I am somewhere between the two today, and I definitely want to be closer to the after. Not crazy tiny or anything, just healthier.

That being said, however, I am a sewist and know that measurements and weight are two very different things. Losing weight does not necessarily mean that I will be super healthy, and that’s more the goal here. And while I do use a scale to help me progress (I find a once a week weigh in to be motivating), I know that it’s not the be all and end all of everything.

This goal is also related to my first goal, as I need to get more exercise in. My aforementioned “all or nothing” personality tends to skip workouts entirely when I don’t have time, when I have to learn that even a 10-20 minute workout is better than no workout at all!

So there you have it. Two relatively simple things that I think will add up over time to create a big impact on how I go about my day.

As far as the blog and sewing goes, I plan to keep up m schedule but also not stress out if I don’t! In the sewing department, I am participating in a new version of #makenine this year. Instead of choosing nine projects, I chose nine fabrics instead! This keeps my challenge more open and allows for new patterns and changing whims! (Plus it helps me use what I already have). Here are my chosen fabrics:

I am also taking part in the #sewingbingo2020 challenge, hosted by @patsypoomakes on Instagram. It’s a WAY more general challenge and I love it for the same reasons I love the make nine – it allows for a lot of interpretation. The categories are:

Moving forward, my usually monthly posts this month are going to be a little out of order because of events I have coming up. This Sunday I am going to the closing night of Waitress (yes, again – I’ve seen it so much I felt like I owed it to myself to see the final performance!) so I’ll have a post up about that on Tuesday. My book post will arrive by next Friday. I think I’m going to skip my makes update post this month, as I want the play stuff to be a surprise when I show off the pictures in February!

With that said, Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to continuing to share my little corner of the world with you!

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