{January Makes: Dressed for Frozen!}

Today I finally had time to get some pictures of the dresses I made for myself to wear to Frozen, Jr. Believe it or not, this is only the second year I’ve made a concentrated effort to make myself something to wear to the show. I’m amazed that with the last minute craziness that I was able to do so, but I made it happen (lets just say I didn’t do much but sew and sleep in January!).

I knew I wanted an Elsa inspired dress and an Anna inspired dress. In the end, Anna didn’t pan out, due to me not getting enough fabric and then not being able to get more in time. So instead I wore something I already had for the Anna day.

For the Elsa inspired dress, I combined the By Hand London Kim Dress skirt with their Anna bodice. I’ve done this combo before and I knew it would work well. The fabric I got was a slightly metallic, icy blue/silver color – perfect for channeling Elsa! I wore this one opening night.

For the Saturday show, I used a fabric that I’ve had FOREVER. Like I don’t even know what I bought it for. It was a blue stretch velvet that I knew would look great as a Colette Wren dress.

My niece was a big fan of petting this one when I was wearing it (and I have to admit that it was fun fabric to play with!).

This is the first dress I’m using as my Sewing Bingo 2020 make nine. Since I have had this fabric for so long, this is the “long time coming” category:

As we get further and further away from the show, I have more and more time on my hands to work on projects for myself. Next week I’ll be showing off two dresses I made in February (though if you follow along on my Instagram account, you’ve already seen one of them!).

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