{Me Made May 2020}

Well, it’s May.

We’re still quarantining.

But the show must go on… or, at the very least, I like to find ways of being as normal as humanly possible during this time. That means participating in my usual challenges. May brings us the annual Me Made May from Sozo Blog. The idea is that you set a goal for yourself in regards to your handmade wardrobe for the month of May (if you want the full details, click on the link to read the FAQ’s; it will take you away from this site).

Usually, the goal is meant to be somewhat of a challenge. Last year, my goal was to wear me made garments every work day, and to make a pair of jeans. I excelled at one (wearing me made every work day) and failed miserably at the other (making the jeans). It was so much fun to put together a different me made outfit for each day.

This year, however, my goals need to be a little different. Since I am quarantining away from 90% of my wardrobe, I have barely anything me made with me, and my current lifestyle doesn’t really warrant wearing all my dresses. I miss them, and can’t wait to start wearing them again (though truth be told, I don’t miss going out that much, except for Broadway and restaurants).

But I still want to participate in Me Made May, so rather than WEARING my makes, I’m going to take a different approach: WORKING on my makes. I am going to renew my new year’s resolution to work on sewing for at least ten minutes a day, five days a week. I brought some projects with me and have ordered fabric where I’m staying so I have plenty to work with, I just need to start working on it!

Should I get back home to my me made wardrobe before the month is out, I will celebrate by wearing what I can, even just to stay home!

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