{Quarantine Eating}

At the time of this writing, I have been quarantined for FIFTY DAYS. Fifty. Some of the time it feels like yesterday, and other times it feels like a thousand years ago.

One of the best things about quarantine is that we’ve been cooking up a storm. Mostly my sister, truth be told although I do cook for myself when I’m home and am not terrible at it. However, I’m more of a baker while my sister’s the cook!

A homemade pizza in a cast iron pan.

I have not been documenting every single dish we’ve eaten, but I have taken some pictures of my favorites, for the most part (I missed out on photographing the insane lasagna we had one night). Here’s just some of the tasty treats we made throughout the last fifty days (and this is just the photographed food).

French onion soup!

DISCLAIMER: I don’t really have recipes for these items, as my sister cooks without them for the most part. This is not a recipe post, just a “drooling over food pictures” post!

This past Christmas my mom gifted my sister with a waffle iron, so of course we had to whip that out at one point!

I am not normally a huge fan of waffles, but there’s something about pressing your own in the waffle iron that changes everything! These were just simple waffles with butter and syrup for breakfast one day, but we have also made these in the past with fried chicken.

For the most part, we have been lazing around in casual clothing, me more so than everyone else as I didn’t pack my normal human clothes when I left to come upstate. So, to amuse my niece, we had fancy dinner night. Honestly? I don’t even remember what we ate for dinner that night, but I do remember we made pigs in a blanket as appetizers!

I mean, you can’t really go wrong with a pig in a blanket, can you? Everyone loves them!

When Easter rolled around, we had to think about what to have for a holiday meal. My sister ended up getting a really good deal on this huge turkey, so we kind of had a Thanksgiving Easter.

The turkey was amazing (my sister is kind of famous for her turkeys on Thanksgiving). I believe it was brined for hours before it went into the oven and then religiously basted throughout the cooking process. We ate this turkey in various forms for days after this (turkey pot pie, sandwiches, turkey soup, etc.).

Also on Easter, we made his AMAZING chocolate cake. I got the secret recipe from Sense & Sensibility patterns one day when she shared it on her Instagram stories.

This is definitely going to be my new go-to chocolate cake recipe. However, the icing, which I got from an internet search, could be improved upon just slightly. It was by no means bad, but I think it could be even better than it was!

After seeing my cousin make bagels with her son, we immediately wanted to make bagels too! These were literally whipped up within a few hours of seeing the Instagram post.

We enjoyed them with cream cheese, smoked trout and scallions and they were perfect. We’ve also just had plain cream cheese, cream cheese and white fish and twice we made bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches using them!

I excel at making anything from Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I believe it to be the wannabe Parisian in me that just happens to have an excellent hand with French foods. I make a mean hollandaise sauce. We had ham and eggs on hand as well, so the natural step was to make eggs Benedict.

You may notice that it’s not a English muffin. We also have an abundance of potatoes, so my sister decided that a potato pancake would substitute (although we have made crumpets on other occasions as well!).

But now…

I saved the best for last: giant cheeseburger. My sister saw a video on Pinterest and decided we needed to make a gigantic cheeseburger which we have referred to as the cheeseburger cake or the Big Big Mac.

I mean, LOOK:

There are no words for this masterpiece – it was SO GOOD – so I will simply share an over abundance of images of the making of what is arguably now my favorite food ever! I literally missed it the next day when we weren’t having it for dinner anymore.

There’s no recipe I can share for this – it was all my sister’s doing and she barely works with recipes (although she did look one up for the bun), but I’m certain you can find something similar on Pinterest.

Tonight we are gearing up to have another lasagna and I think a new giant cheeseburger is in our future as well! It’s a miracle I haven’t gained forty pounds yet, but I’ve been trying to workout as much as possible to combat all this eating… still don’t feel like modeling my recent makes but I’m going to forgive myself for that during this time!

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