{Rereading The Baby-Sitters Club: Books 21-25 & Super Special 2}

It’s a good thing I’m still rereading those BSC books, cause otherwise I’d be at a loss for blog content these days. Although I don’t know how great these posts are, content-wise. I supposed some are more interesting than others, and I do completely get that this is a very niche interest. I promise we will get back to mostly sewing once I am home on a more permanent basis.

In Mallory and the Trouble With Twins, we meet Marilyn and Carolyn Arnold. When Mallory begins sitting for them, she is immediately taken aback by how they immediately start messing with any baby-sitters they have. They trade places, they speak in a secret twin language and basically make everyone around them (save for their parents who have no idea this is happening) miserable.

It turns out, they’re miserable being dressed alike and being expected to like all the same things. Mallory comes to the rescue when she realizes this, and she helps them explore their individuality.

This is one of those books in the series that seemed SO familiar to me as I was reading it. It’s funny how that happens: some of the books I don’t really remember at all, others I remember very specific information from, and then others where things seem vaguely familiar but I don’t QUITE remember what happened.

In Jessi Ramsey, Pet Sitter, the BSC has their second experience watching someone’s pets. However, this family has SO MANY PETS. I’m not going to lie, this would be my nightmare house with this many animals in it. Thus, this was not one of the better BSC books in my opinion.

So let’s move on quickly.

In Dawn on the Coast, Dawn returns to California for the first time since her parents’ divorce. We meet Mr. Schafer and the rest of her California friends. She finds out that her best friend in California has started her own baby-sitters club. They go to the beach and to Disneyland. Of course, she faces the dilemma of wanting to move back to California and stay with her dad and Jeff. Of course, this is a short-lived dream, as Dawn realizes she likes Stoneybrook and wants to be there with her mom.

Still love a Dawn book, but I can’t believe I was okay with her food choices when I was a kid! (Nothing wrong with eating healthy, but Dawn takes it to an extreme I will never be capable of!)

In Kristy and the Mother’s Day Surprise, the title refers not only to the surprise the BSC cooks up for the moms of Stoneybrook, but also to a surprise Kristy gets at the very end of the book – her mom and Watson have adopted a little girl! This is Emily Michelle’s first appearance (in the two books she’s been in they have so far called her just Emily but my stubborn brain is insisting that they call her Emily Michelle as a first name).

Also let’s take moment to talk timeline here. It’s April and May in this book, and the girls even say that they only have a few more months of school left. And yet… this is book twenty-four. We’ve got dozens left to go. That’s going to be a pretty eventful last two months of school for the BSC!

In Mary Anne and the Search for Tigger, we learn that Logan is kind of annoying. At least I did. I have seen many people talk about it and wondered what I was missing, but now I see that he’s not particularly great. He’s not the worst either, but he spends this entire book being super moody and aloof with Mary Anne (because of a personal problem he’s having), and I’m starting to suspect that my rose-colored glasses as a kid who was excited to read about a super tame romance never saw that he wasn’t all that fantastic.

The plot of this book, however, was the search for Tigger (Mary Anne’s cat). He goes missing during a club meeting and it’s nearly a week before he is found… stolen by Logan’s little sister Kerry.

Also, Mary Anne is totally a crazy cat lady.

In Super Special 2, Baby-Sitters’ Summer Vacation, the girls – including Stacey and Logan! – head off to summer camp for two weeks! I remain a fan of the super specials. I love the slightly longer plot line and that the narration changes from character to character, sometimes exploring someone you wouldn’t normally get a perspective from (in this case, it’s Logan). However, this super special was not the most exciting one, except for Dawn’s camp group getting lost in the woods overnight but that problem was solved in about three paragraphs, in true BSC form… just in time for the dance!

I can’t help but think how inconvenient it is for the town of Stoneybrook that every single baby-sitter left for came the same two weeks. But then again, half of their clients conveniently all went to the same camp too, so…

Okay. Listen. It is literally summer vacation right now. Which means when its September again, the BSC girls SHOULD be in ninth grade… yet I know they won’t be. I know, I know… why continue to question logic that I already know makes absolutely no sense! But I can’t help it! Now I’m on a quest to see how many rounds of 8th grade we can go through!

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