{What I Read: May 2020}

This month, I continued to dive into the world of the Baby-Sitters Club, however I also managed a few books outside of the series as well.

First up was Salt to the Sea, by Ruta Sepetys. The book took place during World War II and followed a diverse group of characters in their mission to reach the Wilhelm Gustloff, a boat that transported refugees to safety. The boat, however, is not a safe haven for the refugees that reach it. It sinks, and is one of the lesser known tragedies of World War II (Sepetys is known for writing about these types of things).

The book was good. I like following the story from the perspective of different characters. It made the story move quickly and I cared about the outcome for each individual (save for one). It also had a bittersweet ending, which I tend to like!

Next up was the latest from Andrea Kane, No Stone Unturned. This was the next up in the Forensic Instincts series, and it was not my favorite featuring these characters. In this installment, the team is investigating the death of antiques dealer Rose, who has been working on a project with Fiona McKay, sister of FI team member Ryan McKay.

I wish I could describe the book in more detail, but it was just dull and I wasn’t into the storyline at all. Even so, I’ve read all the other FI books and I was determined to get through it. However, I had almost the exact opposite reaction to this one: I trudged through it when I normally can’t put a Kane book down.

After having trouble getting through No Stone Unturned, I returned to Ruta Sepetys. This time I read her debut novel, Between Shades of Gray. It was another WWII novel, this time following the story of a Lithuanian family who was forced out of the home to work in a prison camp. This book highlighted the horrors the Russians inflicted during WWII, and it was interesting to read a World War II novel that didn’t focus on Hitler’s terror.

Finally, I did my annual reread of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I love Harry Potter, there’s not much more to say but this time around I get to discuss the books with my niece which makes it more fun!

So as we move into June, let’s hope I can read more than just BSC books!

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