{Latest Makes: June 2020}

I managed to go out with a sewing bang at the tail end of June. I had been sewing relatively steadily until June hit, although I found myself with a ton of unfinished projects. I also realized that quarantine weight was a bit of a problem, and a lot of things I cut out a while ago and worked on… well, they don’t really fit right now. So while I’ve completed a few projects, I have yet to model them because I need to drop a few pounds before they fit in a flattering way again!

First up we have a new Penny Dress from Sew Over It. This is a repeat make, as I have two other Pennys in my wardrobe rotation. I thought this one was going to turn out disastrous as I was away from my overlock machine and this fabric was prone to fraying, but I managed to make it work with a zigzag stitch. Then I was worried that the hem would be crazy because after it hung it was all out of shape and I have to level it off, which is not one of my stronger skills. However, I got it hemmed and I love it! This one was easy to hide the quarantine weight in, as I didn’t make the elastic as tight as I normally do, and I can take it in easily once the weight comes off.

Here we have the latest release from Sew Over It, the Lucy Dress (and top, but thus far I have only made the dress version). This is the most comfortable dress ever. This is going to replace a lot of my crappier house loungewear, but it’s also nice enough to wear outside of the house! If and when we finally get back to work and doing shows, I know I’ll be wearing tons of these when I get busy. I also loved how quickly I was able to make this. After weeks of working on projects SUPER slowly, it was fun to make this – from cutting table to finished product – in just a few hours. I haven’t gotten to do that in a long time, and it felt really good.

Finally, this is the same Chalk and Notch Fringe dress from my last makes post, but I actually had a good opportunity to put it on and model it! In the last post, I simply posted the dress without me in it, but I figure it’s always nice to see how something fits.

I am looking forward to a summer of sewing! Before long, I should have a dress wardrobe to rival Midge Maisel’s… now I just need an entire extra bedroom to house them!

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