{What I Read: June 2020}

You may (or may not) have noticed that I took June off. I didn’t do this on purpose at first, but after a week of being too busy to come up with posts, I decided to let myself have time to finish up all the work I needed to do. I was creating my school’s virtual graduation for our 8th graders, and it took up a lot more of my days than I thought it would, though in retrospect I should’ve known it would be a time-consuming project.

I also needed to deliver Frozen souvenirs and help my school deliver the senior packages. As we weren’t allowed to have kids come and pick up their items in the building itself, the teachers volunteered to do the deliveries and got a whopping 600+ packages out to students individually. I really do work with the best people.

As a result of this, I read a whopping one book outside of my continued marathon of Baby-Sitters Club books (so excited for the new Netflix show which comes out today, by the way!!).

The one book I managed to read was The Last Flight, by Julie Clark. Overall, I enjoyed the story of a woman who trades places with another at the airport to escape her abusive husband. Ultimately she is forced to take on the other woman’s entire identity when her original flight crashes. And while she is able to inherit her apartment, she also inherits an investigation against a stranger to her.

I will say that a lot of how the plot resolved seemed really implausible, and there was a lot of focus on a backstory that lead to it. (However, said backstory only explains a relationship between two characters and does not make the outcome any more plausible.) Even so, Clark managed to keep my very busy brain in the story until the very end, so that’s saying something!

With July here, I am officially on summer vacation so no working from home except on things I want to work on! We’ll see if I can squeeze more books in in between my continued reading of the BSC and actually working on more sewing projects!

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