{Latest Make: Deer and Doe Sirocco Jumpsuit}

December has just been flying by, hasn’t it?! I can’t believe we are already nearly four months done with this school year and only two weeks away from the New Year!

Even though I haven’t been very busy, I’ve somehow been busy. I realize that statement doesn’t make any sense, but I’ve had a ton of little things that I needed to take care of this month, and they have all kind of added up to equal less sewing time than I had last month or the month before. Even so, I was able to take the time to finally make a new Deer and Doe Sirocco jumpsuit.

This is not my first Sirocco. Last summer (2019), I made the shorts version one day on a whim after seeing tons of people modeling the jumpsuit on Instagram. Everyone looked so good in it, I had to try making my own, and immediately loved it. I practically wore it out the day I finished it (in fact, I may have polished it off before going out one day so I could wear it out!). Ever since, I have wanted to make the long pants version.

Continuing my stash shopping, I had this blue modal jersey in my collection that I had been saving for another project. However, it was looking more and more likely that I was not going to get around to that particular project, and so I decided to repurpose the fabric!

I definitely think I made the right choice! The jumpsuit is soft and comfortable, and I am almost positive I am going to end up wearing it more to stay in than go out (which is fine, because I ended up hemming the ankles just a TAD too short… even so, they still work the wedges I’m wearing, but that pretty much eliminates winter wear outside, as my ankles will be too cold!).

Despite the little ankle shortness problem, I do plan to get a ton of wear out of this one! And I am happy to say that I completed at least one project for December! I’ve got a few more on deck but we shall see where the time goes in the next couple of weeks.

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