{Pattern Review: Sew Over It Ava Skirt}

I cannot believe I haven’t made an Ava Skirt, being the Sew Over It fan that I am. It’s such a simple make, perfect for any sewing level and yet, until this week, I had not tackled one, and I have no idea why!

I got the motivation to do the project from looking at my stash. The fabric I used was a gift from my grandmother last Christmas. She bought the fabric in Scotland on a trip she took with my grandfather many years ago, so I am not positive how old this fabric is. However I’ve been saving it for an Ava skirt and decided it was finally time to make it happen

Despite the simplicity of the pattern however, I ran into two snags that were both entirely my fault and had nothing to do with the pattern. First off, I couldn’t decide if I wanted the pockets or not. -‘s I went so far as to insert them, unpick them and reinsert them. Then, when I tried the skirt on, I immediately broke the zipper! It wasn’t too tight, I think the zipper was just old. I found it at the bottom of my zipper stash and I chess it just wasn’t up to the task.

My honest confession before showing off my finished product photos is that I did not fix the zipper for these. There is literally a gaping hole in the back, but I wanted to get pictures anyway. I plan to replace the zipper in the near future so I can actually wear the skirt but for photos it didn’t matter!

The Ava skirt is a great wardrobe basic, perfect for casual wear, work wear and holiday weR depending on what you pair it with. I highly recommend it to sewists of all levels!

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