{Pattern Review: Simple Sew Skater Dress}

Merry Christmas! Prior to the holidays, I had a productive week of polishing off a few makes. One of those names was the Simple Sew Skater Dress.

Though I was familiar with the pattern company, this was my first foray into making one of their patterns. I had some fabric from Mind the Maker that I was eager to use, and it seemed a nice match! I was looking for a simple party dress vibe to show off the quirky polka dots on the fabric.

The Skater Dress is an extremely straightforward sew, one that I believe almost anyone can tackle. It does feature an invisible zipper which can be intimidating to a beginner but I’m the crazy person who enjoys putting them in!

The bodice went together quickly and easily, shaped by a bust and waist dart. The dress has a facing rather than a full lining so that save time as well. The only thing that took some time was the hem, as it’s narrow and the skirt is big. But overall this was a quick and easy project.

Here’s the final result:

I will admit that I am not as thrilled with the final result as I wanted to be, however that is my error, not an issue with the pattern. I should’ve lengthened the bodice a little bit as I feel it comes up just a tad short on me. That being said, it’s a fully wearable dress and I love the twirl of the skirt!

This is one of my final makes for the head, though not my last (you’ll see the last one next week… or if you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen it!). Trying to take it easy this week, but I’ll be back to projects in no time!

One comment

  1. This make looks great and I especially like the fabric colours. Each new pattern we try is a prototype for us and I don’t think I’ve made anything yet which hasn’t made me think I would do something slightly differently next time.


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