{Travel Tales: A Weekend in Massachuetts, Part Three}

The photoblog format worked well for me in our last travel tales post, so I’ll continue here, especially since the pictures I have from the weekend continue to be numerous!

We arrived at the Causeway in Gloucester, Massachusetts good and hungry. Lindsay and Paul were saving the table, so we were able to sit down right away and get to ordering. “The cousins” end of the table got an order of the family-famous muscles (we got them the first time we ever visited the Causeway and insist upon having them every time we go), clam chowder, and scallops wrapped in bacon. That would’ve been all, except they were having a twin lobster special that night and so naturally we had to go for it! (No one can ever say we don’t eat!)

After good food, and fun (a quite a bit of goofing off), we all hung out at the Causeway for a bit. Joe showed off his new wheels (or, at least, his pretend new wheels).

A few years ago, when we were in town for our great-grandmother’s 100th birthday, we stopped at the fisherman statue in Gloucester. Katherine and I wanted to head back to it to try and recreate some of the pictures we had from that trip seven years ago. Dugie was happy to oblige and we were able to stop and get our pictures in, having fun trying to recreate the different poses we had done before (we got pretty close on a few).

After our trip to the statues, it was time for the unexpected trip to John’s beach house. We followed Dugie (creating a little family caravan) into a part of Gloucester we had never seen and ended up on the beautiful coast. We checked out the house, and view of the water, and then headed over to the beach. I’ll leave this post with some highlights of our trip to the beach, where we ran around in the water and the sand and took lots and lots of pictures.

Later that evening, Lindsay, Katherine and I ran into the ocean, and then the entire family left the beach house and headed back to Beverly for some awesome ice cream. After that, it was off to the hotel and bed.

In our next post: The Wedding!

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