{Travel Tales: A Weekend in Massachusetts, Part Four}

Thus we come to the final post of our weekend in Massachuetts. Though we didn’t go home until Sunday, we also didn’t take too many pictures so ththis last post will be all about the wedding.

A little background: it was the wedding of Michael Clancey and Paula Raimo. We’ve known Mike since he was in kindergarten, as he was friends with Joe. Through them, Donna (Mike’s mom) became best friends with Pam, and soon they were honorary members of the family. Whenever I mention one of our Ladies’ Tea parties, this is something we do with Donna (who started them all). Once Mike and Paula got together, Paula started attending the teas as well, until we were all friends. Thus we were all excited about the upcoming wedding.

The wedding was at Misselwood at Endicott College in Beverly. The grounds were beautiful. The ceremony took place overlooking the water, with sailboats passing by periodically. Everyone was worried that it was going to rain the day of the wedding but, though it was quite overcast, it didn’t rain, and the ceremony was able to stay outside!

The ceremony was lovely – they used nontraditional music for everyone’s walk down the aisle – and the justice of the peace was a good speaker who kept it short and sweet and to the point (just how I like wedding ceremonies!).

Then it was off to the reception tent, which was also on a really nice part of the grounds. We, of course, took the opportunity to get more pictures while we waited for the bride and groom to make their entrance, and we just spent the rest of the evening enjoying ourselves before heading back to the hotel to drink champagne in our pajamas!

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