Smorgasburg and Sunburns: A Weekend Tale

This weekend loomed gloriously on Friday. Though I’m not one to complain about work, and in fact really enjoy it most of the time, I was tired. Exhausted, really. And so I was glad to head home to get some rest, knowing I had a full weekend ahead of me – my dad was coming in on Saturday for an early Father’s Day Celebration, and then today I was supposed to see my mom in a show (I didn’t end up doing that, because of a stupid mistake I made Saturday, but I’m getting there; and, disclaimer, she’s doing the show again on the 27th, so I’ll see it then!).

My dad is known for finding new and interesting things to do, mostly new places to eat. This Father’s Day weekend was no exception. He suggested we (me, him, my stepmother, my sister and her boyfriend) go to Smorgasburg, the food market part of the Brooklyn Flea Market. It happens every Saturday in Williamsburg. I needed no further convincing (as I love eating), but checked out the website anyway to see the vendors. Among others, an old favorite, the Red Hook Lobster Pound, was going to be there and so I was immediately excited to go.

I managed a decent amount of sleep Friday night, despite needing to get up early on Saturday morning. (And, yes, we are aware Father’s Day was today; the food is only there on Saturdays and so we celebrated a day early.) We arrived at the market without a hitch, which was located in a fabulous location right on the water, and I proceeded to want pretty much everything in sight.

Our first stop was the oyster stand, where we got a fried oyster po boy which I think was one of the best things I have ever eaten. One of the best things about it was some sort of red onion (pickled, maybe?), and a really nice roll. Sadly, I neglected to get a picture of the actual sandwich, and just the sign at the stand:

The oyster stand incidentally became our last stop as well, only the second time around we had raw oysters.

Food stand number two was dad’s pick – fried chicken. It was also amazing, though I preferred the oyster sandwich at that point. The chicken came with a piece of waffle and a small watermelon salad:

Number three was actually a slushie stand, where we tried both varieties.

While Kathi and I were waiting on the slushie line, Dad went to get lobster rolls and Lindsay and Paul reappeared with a brisket sandwich.

After more oysters, we determined that to be enough food for the time being, and headed out of the market to walk through Williamsburg. We discovered that they were having the Williamsburg Walks this past Saturday, which is essentially a street fair. A major section of Bedford Avenue was shut down to traffic and people were just able to sit out on these patches of grass that were brought in for the day, and placed in the street, and listen to a variety of bands and visit a few small vendors. Though I’m generally not a huge fan of Williamsburg, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

However… today I am paying for my day of fun. But it’s my own fault. I neglected to put on sunscreen in the morning, and didn’t realize just how much time I would be in the direct midday sun. Needless to say, I have a sunburn. A BAD one. With horrific uneven tan lines from the shirt I was wearing. And I’m not certain how only one arm managed to suffer the sunburn fate, as I don’t see how it was in the sun more than the other arm (angles, I suppose).

In any case, here’s the sunburn yesterday (see today’s picture of the day for what it looks like today):

It’s as painful as it looks. When I went to the store before, I covered it up so I wouldn’t get asked the “That must hurt, huh?” question. Because yes, yes it DOES, and thank you for making me remember that!

As you can tell, I’m not a fan, not so much because it hurts and it’s annoying, but because I so rarely slip up and let myself get a damaging sunburn like this. I know how bad they are for me, and therefore am usually incredibly cautious about making sure I have sunscreen and other forms of cover up.

I’ve been nursing this all day, hence why I never ended up going out all night. I get chills from sunburns and I was extremely tired today, as I always am when I get a bad burn, so I decided to rest up and keep myself doused in aloe, damp washcloths with lavender oil and a generous amount of Nivea lotion (from the blue jar, because it’s so much more satisfying to scoop the lotion out of the jar rather than use the bottle with the pump).

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