Flamingo Shirt Dress: Part One

This year, I really want to start perfecting the art of making my own clothes, particularly for the summer.  I love sundresses, and though I can find plenty of them in various stores, there’s a ton of adorable, quirky fabric I want to use.

I recently set to work on my Flamingo Shirt Dress, using this great fabric I found at Rifle Paper Co.  I’ve been a longtime fan of their artwork and was so excited when they came out with a fabric line.  Then I put off buying it, and finally got some during a Black Friday sales.

This past weekend I set out cutting:

I hit a snag as I didn’t have any interfacing.  In the past, I have not let a little snag like this get in my way, and would’ve just continued without it, but over the years I have learned how every little step is important to the process.  So once I’ve gotten the interfacing, and cut out those pieces I’ll be ready to continue on with the project.

I’m excited to make some new items for myself.  I have four more dresses in the works, and a whole slew of patterns that I just bought (AND Rifle Paper Co. is coming out with a Wonderland-themed fabric collection just in time for my birthday this year, sooooo…. Alice outfits galore!).

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