Flamingo Shirt Dress: Part Five

I am almost done!  The only thing left is to finish up the buttonholes (I admit that I have never tried my buttonhole foot on my machine and didn’t want this project to be the first one I tried it on so I’m handsewing them), but I got the dress to the point that it could be on me.

Today’s first project was hemming, which I didn’t take any pictures of.  For the first time in a couple days, my energy was letting me work for more than ten minutes at a time and I wanted to take advantage.

Pinning the buttonhole band to the front of the dress.

The left side band, ready to be slipstitched.  (That would be Jurassic World on in the background.)

Slipstitching the buttonhole band. I just liked the little two-headed flamingo I created.

Prepping the collar pieces and pinning them to the bodice. There was a collar and a collar band to contend with.  I say contend but it’s really too strong a word: this pattern actually was really easy to follow and put together.

Getting the buttons and the buttonholes done.  I usually avoid patterns that require buttons but I really wanted to make a shirtdress so here we are.  I followed the button guide really meticulously and marked the fabric really carefully.  Took a while but it wasn’t difficult.

And that was that.  Here’s the final product, and an okay picture of me in it.  I’m looking forward to wearing it and getting a nice picture soon.

On to the next project: my own purple velvet dress for Willy Wonka Jr.

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