Pure Imagination Dress: Part One

With the flamingo shirtdress pretty much done and ready to wear out of the house (when it gets warmer!), it’s time to move on to my next project.  This one in particularly needs to get done soon, as I am hoping to wear it to the “premiere” of our musical in March and I know I’ll soon be sewing all costumes, all the time.

I call this my “Pure Imagination” dress because our show is Willy Wonka, Jr.  I had a lot of leftover purple velvet from my Wonka costume and decided to make something special for myself as it IS my 10th Anniversary of costume design.

Saturday night I prepped for the project by cutting out the pattern.  I have two versions of this planned, so this is also a good test run for the next dress as well.

Laying out the pattern pieces and getting ready to cut.

Beginning the bodice.  This dress has a v-neckline that get finished off once the lining gets attached.  I tried to make sure I marked everything really well so as to avoid mistakes later.

The completed bodice shell and getting a start on the lining.  It is so difficult to take pictures of this fabric – the light catches it strangely and it either washes it out or makes it so dark you can’t make out the details.  This one seems to be decent.

Clipping the corners of the seams before turning the lining inside out.

And here’s the finished bodice, awaiting the skirt.  I also did one seam for the skirt and pleated it but forgot to take a picture.

At this point, I took a break.  I was trying to accomplish a number of different things yesterday and wanted to rest up and finally recover from being sick.

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