Pure Imagination Dress: Part Two

I worked on the dress a little bit recently and neglected to take pictures, so there may be some strange gaps between part one and two.

With the show being only six weeks away, I wanted to finish as much of this as possible before going into crazy costume mode.  I’m happy to say the dress now has the basics down, and just needs a little finishing work!

Pinning the skirt pieces together.  I love that this dress has pockets.  That’ll make holding all the little things the night of the show so much easier.

The skirt and bodice are attached!  This fabric is still really difficult to photograph.  The fabric is beautiful in person but pictures make it just look plain and boring.

Pinning the lining down so it can be slipstitched.

Slipstiching the lining.  I’ve really been upping my slipstiching game recently.  I now use it for everything and find it somewhat therapeutic.

Next step, I need to buy a zipper or see if I have a purple one on hand and hem the dress.  I also need to try it on and make small tweaks.  I think it’s going to look lovely, but just in case I got an awesome dress in my Pinterest box that’ll be my backup!

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