Queen Anne Dress: Part One

The month since my last post has been a crazy whirlwind of activity to prepare for the school musical.  Said musical took place Thursday and Friday and was declared a big hit.  I’m already feeling the PSD (post-show depression).  It’s bad this year because we had such a good crop of talent, kids who genuinely enjoyed working with us and each other and it’s definitely sad to have it all said and done.  However, it also means that my time greatly opens up and I have the ability to get some new items ready for other shop as well as some items for myself.

I started what I am calling the “Queen Anne Dress” back in January.  I named it after the fabric, which I got from Rifle Paper Company (of course!).  It’s a lovely light blue with a floral pattern, and it looked right up my alley.

I used the same pattern that I cut for the Pure Imagination dress, except that this dress will use the short sleeve option.  Little update on that one: I never out the zipper in.  When we got close to showtime I decided it wasn’t as flattering as I wanted it to be and I needed more time to really make it look the way I wanted so I bought a ready made dress to wear and it worked perfectly.  Doesn’t mean I won’t finish Pure Imagination and use it for something else, it just means she’s on hold for a bit.

But back to the project at hand:

This is literally how far I got.  Pieces cut out and ready to go.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a chance to get some work done on it – it’ll be my little birthday gift to myself!

While we’re on the subject of birthday gifts for myself, I kind of went fabric buying crazy since Rifle Paper’s new Wonderland collection came out and I’m a sucker for everything Alice!

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