Queen Anne Dress: Part Three

We had our second snow day of the school year the other day and other than continuing my marathon of eating leftover birthday party food, it was a cozy day at home.  I don’t know why I love sewing on a snow day.  I open the blinds and watch the snow fall while I work at the sewing machine.

My first order of business was to cut the lining.  I didn’t really have a complimentary fabric to use so I used up what I had left of the original.  Had to cheat the grain line for one of the pieces but it seems to have all worked out.

Pressing the seams for the lining.

Front of the lining/facing ready to go, with the back in the background ready to go.

The lining finally being attached to the bodice.  This is always where I have a problem, cause the bodice goes into a v shape.  And though I’ve done it many times, I still haven’t quite mastered how to do this part perfectly.  But since I like that style, I keep trying!

I don’t think I did so badly this time.  Technique could definitely still use some work, but it’s laying flat for the most part.  This fabric is also holding this pattern better than the velvet version.  

When it came time to get to the sleeves, I realized I needed to cut four of the main fabric… and I had used it for the lining!  A little hunting around and I found this light blue t-shirt in my giveaway pile.  This picture makes it look a lot darker than the fabric but in person it’s not quite so drastic.

Sleeve pieces cut out and ready to go!

I made quick work of the sleeves and attached them to the bodice.  I wasn’t so sure about this pattern while I was doing the velvet version but clearly that was a matter of just not using the right kind of fabric because I really like this one.

Next up: skirt pieces!

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