Queen Anne Dress: Part Four

In part four of the Queen Anne Dress, I tackle the skirt.  Above you see the skirt front, the oldest nice and pressed.  Only a fellow sewing nerd would understand the satisfaction of a nicely pressed pleat!

And here’s the skirt front, done (aside from hemming) and awaiting the back.

Attaching the pocket pieces.  Another dumb move on my part was not cutting four pocket pieces even though I’ve done this before and knew I needed to.  Being out of fabric and having thrown out the t-shirt I used to cut the sleeves so I used this gray scrap that I had enough of.

Big pile of dress – attaching the bodice to the skirt.

Finished shell!  Now it’s just on to the finishing work: hemming, attaching the lining and installing the zipper.  Off to see if I have the right color zipper for this project (and to order one. If I don’t…)!

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