Procession Dress: Part One

While waiting on a zipper for my Queen Anne Dress, I decided to get started on my next project.  I’m calling this one the procession dress, named after the fabric.  The fabric, of course, came from Rifle Paper Company (the obsession is fierce people!) and their new Wonderland Collection.  It features all the characters of Wonderland in a procession… hence, the name.

Today was all about planning and cutting.

I’m using the same pattern as the Flamingo dress, however this time I’m doing the sleeveless version.  But this went together so nicely the first time, and this fabric just screamed shirt dress, this seemed the perfect pattern.

Ironing the fabric to get it ready for cutting.  Thankfully it hasn’t been sitting around in a clump so the ironing didn’t take too long.

Beginning the cutting process and trying to make sure the procession lines will match up in the seams.  Honestly,  I don’t think I was super successful with the bodice, but I think I managed well enough with the skirt.

All cut and ready to go.  I’m trying to get some things done around the house at the time of this writing so I don’t think I’ll get to it now, but we shall see…

And here’s just a little sewing humor I found on Facebook today:

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